Sunday, January 27, 2019

Trail Log: 1-26-2019

  • Trail: Succor Creek Canyon  - Fisherman's Rd. - Devils Gate area - Trash Pickup Event
  • Miles: 9.36
  • Ave mph: 2.4
  • Riders: Self 
  • Horses: Jack and J'Lo
  • Dogs: Hank and Shade

Notes. I call my Pet Peeve Pack it Out day a success. We had 5 ATV's, 17 horses, 22 humans, 9 dogs and 1 large truck load of garbage ranging from beer cans to bumpers. A few of the more odd pieces of trash we found were a car bumper, a mini blind and a bottle of System Biolage hair conditioner.

We broke into 3 groups. Each group covering approximately 10 miles.  1 large group headed up Fisherman Rd. Another group rode toward Devils Gate and my smaller group rode down the canyon toward Succor Creek. At the creek, Matt and Tim rode downstream and I rode upstream. I sent at least 1 ATV with each group. As the panniers filled, we emptied them out in an ATV and headed out for more garbage.

My litter patrol
Some of the more ingenious folks rigged themselves long "spears" to aid in picking up trash they could stab from their horse without having to climb on and off. Me, I just rode my shortest horse and packed the taller one - and walked the majority of the time.

I was among the first riders back to the trailers. I swapped horses and headed back out to check on the other groups. The rest filtered in within 10 minutes of each other. We couldn't have timed it better had we planned it.

A few of us that didn't have to get back right away, warmed our toes around the fire ring and split whatever food we had left.

One group was stopped by a car of sight-seers wanting to know what we were doing and what group we belonged to. Linda smiled and answered: We don't belong to any particular group. We are just a bunch of friends who decided to to do something about the trash in an area we all enjoy.

It's doesn't take an official "group" to make a difference. It takes a few, slightly obsessive individuals fed up with the way things are to make a positive impact. I believe our menagerie of ATV enthusiast, hunters, cowboys, mounted shooters, equestrians, mounted orienteerer's and hikers did just that.

A HUGE thank you to my eclectic group of friends who helped this slightly obsessive compulsive gal out with one of her Pet Peeves: If you can pack it in full - you sure as hell can pack it out empty.

We filled this truck and a couple small trailers. It is so nice to see this trash headed to the dump instead of on our trails. 

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